Any building or rebuilding activities including internal renovations requires development permission through the respective Municipal Councils & the Department of Town & Country Planning. Activity which require development permission are provided below and are not limited to:

  • New Building/Dwelling
  • Extension to existing structures
  • Regularization of existing structures
  • Poultry/ Piggery
  • Fencing
  • Excavation, stockpiling
  • Taxi/rental/hire base
  • Conditional developments (Dairy Shop, Homestay, Boarding House etc.)
  • Please consult with your respective Municipal Council for advice to determine if you require development permission.

The Building Application Process?

Before constructing a structure, the building plans must be assessed and approved by the Department. The building approval process is:

  • The Building application is lodged through the respective Municipal Council.
  • The Municipal Council then assesses the Building applications and only forwards those building applications that requires the Director Town & Country Planning’s consent, especially those that require dispensation.
  • The building application is processed by an officer in accordance with the Town Planning Act General Provisions and comments from other agencies
  • For outline building applications, the Director consents in principle subject to conditions
  • For detailed applications, the Director consents subject to conditions or refuses, whereby the applicant can make necessary amendments and re-submit the application
  • Note: For Major Building Development Applications with the value of $1 million dollars or more and or above two storeys will need to be lodged at the Municipal Council who shall then refer the major building applications to DTCP within 24 hours.

Requirements when lodging A Building Application.

  • 3 Copies of Town Planning Development Forms
  • 3 Copies of Local Authority Forms
  • Proof of Ownership (Title, Lease Document)
  • 3 Sets of Building Plans Including:
  • Site & Drainage
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevation Plans
  • Structural Detailed Plan
  • Covering Letter & Recommendations of Municipal Council

Payments & Fees

You must pay a development application fee when you lodge your application to the Municipal Council. The fee is determined and charged based on the Value of Works.


We recommend having a pre-consultation meeting with the Department of Town and Country Planning to help you prepare your planning application. This is not mandatory but will save you time and make the process easier. 

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