Who we are

The Ministry of Local Government is guided by the overarching vision that good governance at all levels of society is critical to both Fiji’s economic development and to the realisation of every Fijian’s Constitutional rights. Recognising that the duties of productive local governance often fall outside the strictly drawn boundaries of a municipality, governance is taking strides to give the ministry the tools it requires to implement effective change not only locally but regionally. A recent amalgamation of duties of rural local authorities with municipal councils has seen an increase in Ministry activities, including solid waste management and building permit management

What we do

The Ministry overseas two key departments: Local Government & Town & Country Planning Through the department of Local Government;

  • Supports & monitors the functions of the municipalities
  • Is responsible for overseeing the administration and regulations of the councils
  • Oversees the National Fire Authority

Through the Department of Town & Country Planning;

  • Formulates urban and rural planning policies that are environmentally compliant
  • Meets country’s economic and demographic growth objectives
  • Oversees administration, planning and regulation of land use
  • Planning and development of growth centers into new towns


Hon. Maciu Katamotu Nalumisa