The Department of Local Government is responsible for the overall administration and regulation of Municipal Councils and the oversight of National Fire Authority through the Local Government Act 1972, and the National Fire Services Act 1994 respectively.

Department activities include monitoring of the Municipal Councils in line with the specific by – laws of the 13 Municipal Councils. The Department also ensures that there are policy reforms in accordance with the needs of the Councils and their communities.

The Department’s programs are funded directly through Government grants and are required to ensure services are provided to all Fijians alike. To maintain public safety and security, the Department also works closely with the National Fire Authority, issuing operational grants, funding for fire station upgrades and subsidising the purchase of emergency fleet and life-saving equipment.


Coordination and monitoring of the expenditure of government-funded programs by the Municipal Councils and the National Fire Authority;
· Advise and recommendations in relation to Human Resources management and procurement by Municipal Councils
· Support the Municipal Councils to manage and deliver events and the coordination of Municipal Forums
· Municipal grievances management support
· Performance Assessment for Special Administrators against set Key Performance Indicators
· Assessment of rates hardship to aggrieved ratepayers
· Assist in providing advice on legal matters of the Municipal Councils