Through the Department of Town & Country Planning (DTCP), the Ministry formulates urban and rural planning policies that are environmentally compliant and that accommodate Fiji’s economic and demographic growth objectives. The DTCP is responsible for the overall administration, planning and regulation of land use in Fiji through the Town Planning Act 1946 and Subdivision of Land Act 1937.

This includes Strategic and Statutory Planning as well as managing, in conjunction with Municipal Councils, the approval of Subdivisions, Rezoning and Building Applications across Fiji.


  • Building Plan Searches – Developments and subdivisions that are considered by the Department of Town & Country Planning are kept on file for future reference. Approved plans can be made available to the respective landowners and leaseholders to view or copy. Building Plan searches are carried out every week on Fridays, and results are available within 3 days.
  • Processing of Applications – The Department processes Building, Subdivision & Rezoning applications.