You are currently viewing Parliamentary Question 187 of 20 August 2021 Minister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development Honourable Premila Kumar

Parliamentary Question 187 of 20 August 2021 Minister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development Honourable Premila Kumar

Parliament 20August, 2021
Government Buildings

Main Question

Can the Honorable Minister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development inform the House on the Development Projects that will be carried out by the Municipal Councils in this Fiscal Year (2021/22)?


Mr. Speaker Sir, I thank the Hon. Member for the question.

Mr. Speaker Sir, towns and cities are drivers of economic and social development. The Ministry of Local Government (Ministry), together
with the Municipal Councils, remain committed to the advancement and development of our towns and cities for its rate-payers and visitors.
Mr. Speaker Sir, for this fiscal year, the Fijian Government committed a sum of $642,300 for the capital projects in our towns and cities:

1. Upgrade of New Rakiraki Bus Station ($160,000)

2. New Savusavu Market ($100,000)

3. New Levuka Market ($50,000)

4. Dreketi Market ($70,000)

5. Nakasi Mini Market ($82,300)

6. New Lami Market ($180,000)

1. Upgrading of New Rakiraki Bus Station

Mr. Speaker Sir, the new Rakiraki bus station involves the re-development of the site. The new concept design for the Bus Terminal will cater for 10 Bus bays to provide essential transportation accessibility for the people of Rakiraki.

The Ministry, in partnership with the Construction Implementation Unit, has engaged the services of the Project Consultant. So far concept drawings and consultation with the relevant stakeholders, including the Traffic Impact Assessment report has been completed.

The Rakiraki Town Council has plans to complete the detail design in consultations with CIU, in this financial year. In other words this project will be ready for construction in the next fiscal year.

2. Savusavu Market

Mr. Speaker Sir, the new Savusavu Market will be built to complement the Blue Town Model in Fiji. The concept drawing is complete. The Government grant will be used to complete the design and documentation for a modern market that meets the needs of citizens and visitors to Savusavu.

The proposed Savusavu Market is a joint initiative of the Fijian Government and the United Nations (UN) Women. Apart from concept design, the funds will be utilised for project supervision and commencement of the market structure.

3. Levuka Market
Mr. Speaker Sir, vendors in Levuka have been selling under temporary tents provided by UN Women under its Markets for Change Project. And we are thankful to them. There are about 310 market vendors who are selling from these temporary tents.

There is an urgent need to upgrade the existing Levuka Market building, which has been out of service since TC Winston in 2016. The old market is approximately 110 years old.

This new market will house stalls, kiosks and an office at the ground floor, whilst Womens’ Accommodation, cafe and shops for micro and small business will be located on the top floor. This facility will have access to people with disabilities.

Currently, the Architect and the Structural Engineer are working on the final details of the market and the preparation of the tender documents. The Levuka Town Council will be calling for Expression of Interest for the construction. This is a joint project with UN Women.

4. Dreketi Market

Mr. Speaker Sir, the site for the Dreketi Market is mid-way between Labasa and Nabouwalu. This market will serve the residents of Dreketi and those who travel to Nabouwalu and Labasa.

The population of Dreketi is estimated to be between 5,000 – 6,000 with an average of 500 travelers per day who stopover at the Dreketi market. Dreketi is seen as a small and growing commercial center in the Northern division.

The new market plan is expected to include kiosks, fish market, handicraft and general area for other produce. The construction of the Dreketi market will stimulate other related businesses around the area, providing much needed jobs to taxi operators and other small business.

Mr. Speaker Sir, the Labasa Town Council has acquired the lease from the Ministry of Lands and has engaged a surveyor to survey the site and facilitate the title process. The survey work is expected to be completed before the end of 2021. In addition, the Council will carry out detailed drawings and construction tender documents.

5. Nakasi Mini Market

Mr. Speaker Sir, The project site is the land behind RB South Point in Nakasi. This is where new shuttle bus bay and mini market will be constructed. F or the Nakasi Mini Market project, the first stage of works has commenced with land acquisition, survey and scheme subdivision. The site leveling work started last week, and the scheme plan has been approved by DTCP. The Nasinu Town Council has engaged an Architect to come up with a concept design.

6. New Lami Market

Mr. Speaker Sir, Lami Town provides essential services to a large residential area, as well as, nearby informal communities. The Market currently has 24 permanent and casual vendors.

The current structure being at the heart of Lami Town Centre, it is imperative to develop the market that will uplift the image of Lami Town. The plan is to build a three (3) storey complex, which will have more space available for different produce. It will also provide shops for small and micro-business.

Mr. Speaker Sir, the Council has plans to complete the first phase of design and documentation of the project in this financial year.

Mr. Speaker Sir, in addition to these projects, there are a number of Municipal Council funded projects at different stages of development.

1. Nausori Town Council

Mr. Speaker Sir, for this Fiscal Year, the Nausori Town Council plans to implement the following projects, funded through donor funding and Council funding totaling $1.2 million.

a) Nausori Market Women’s Accommodation Centre, which is funded by UN Women in the sum of $600,000, Nausori Market Car Park development at the Golf Course (old) with a funding of $45,000, and rehabilitation of Cakabau Park.

2. Sigatoka Town Council

Mr. Speaker Sir, the Sigatoka Town Council is on the verge of completing Amphitheatre on the riverside funded by the Chinese Government. A new Public Convenience will be built in Solevu ($20,000). The new car park on the old tramline is completed.

3. Labasa Town Council

Mr. Speaker Sir, moving on to Labasa, the Council will complete the beautification and drainage work. A total of $41,700 is allocated for Beautification Work, whilst a sum of $64,521 is allocated for Drainage works.

Mr. Speaker Sir, the Council has further budgeted a sum of $108,360 to complete the upgrade work at Subrail Park. A sum of $45,000 has been set aside for the design and documentation of Seafood Centre at Naiyaca. The Council has completed the site clearing works and are currently finalising the concept design and detailed drawings, prior to progressing with leveling works.

4. Lautoka City Council

Mr. Speaker Sir, with regards to the Lautoka City Council, there are three projects in the planning and documentation stage.

These are Botanical Garden Coffee Shop, Shirley Park Podium and Lautoka Foreshore Subdivision at Marine Drive.

The Lautoka Foreshore Subdivision at Marine Drive is one of the major projects funded by Lautoka City Council with the estimated cost of $1.5m.

5. Tavua Town Council

Mr. Speaker Sir, the Tavua town Council, currently does not have adequate parking space for the citizens entering the town area. The lack of parking space creates congestion in the town.

The Tavua Town Council plans to carry out leveling work on the vacant land behind ANZ Bank building for a temporary car park space. This temporary space will reduce congestion and also generate revenue to support the municipality.

The project will be funded by the Council, at an estimated cost of approximately $40,000. The Council aims to complete the project by December 2021.

6. Suva City Council

Mr Speaker Sir, Suva City Council has lined up several projects. These are

a) Flagstaff Mini Market

b) Raiwaqa Market

c) Mead Road Mini Market

d) Redevelopment of Sukuna Park, and

e) Development of Nubukalou Creek

7. Ba Town Council

Mr. Speaker Sir, with respect to Ba, the Town Council plans to carry out a major project at the Ba Riverbank, which is under design and documentation phase. This project will be funded by the

Council through partnership with the private sector.

In addition to the above project, there are two other projects which has commenced.

a) Ba Market Extension ($74, 494); and

b) Refurbishment of Women’s Accommodation Center funded by UN Women ($130,000).

Thank you Mr. Speaker Sir.

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