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Municipal markets open for longer hours

The Minister of Local Government Hon. Premila Kumar is pleased to announce the change in market hours for all municipal markets around the country.

“The change in market hours, is now from 6am to 6pm on Friday and Saturday, after the COVID 19 market opening hours were changed to observe curfew hours and social distancing. The opening of markets at 8am allowed market vendors who lived far away, to observe the curfew hours and the long distance travelled to sell their produce.”

“Now most vendors have started bringing their produce to the market on Thursday to also sell on Friday and Saturday. And when they do that, it necessitates the opening of markets to change from 8am to 6am on Friday and Saturday and it allows more time for vendors to sell whatever produce they have,” said the Minister.

Hon. Kumar added that whilst many Fijians would benefit from the change in the market hours, it still allowed for compliance to curfew hours under the COVID 19 provisions.

“With the markets now opening from 6am to 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays, many Fijians will have more time to do their marketing, so it’s really a win-win situation for both the market vendors and the customers.”

“Nevertheless, the change in market hours still allows for compliance to physical distancing under the COVID-19 provisions and it’s extremely important that everyone adheres to it,” Hon. Kumar stated.

There are now more marketing options with decentralised markets in every Municipal Councils around the country. The Saturday flea markets in Nadi and Nausori and the Sunday morning markets in Namaka and Nausori are good examples.

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