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New Physiotherapy Clinic in Nadi Town

“New Physiotherapy Clinic in Nadi Town”

The Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts and Local Government, Hon. Premila Kumar had the pleasure of officiating the new Physiotherapy Clinic in Nadi today.

The populace of Nadi and Lautoka now have the availability of the Physiotherapy Clinic Fiji Pte Limited, situated in Nadi Town. The clinic is ideally located and can be accessed easily by the Nadi and Lautoka residents.

“Over the last two years, health has been the greatest consideration in everything we did. It had to be. We had no option. But when we look at the health sector in its entirety, it is easy to overlook many aspects that contribute to the health and well-being of our people. Physiotherapy is one of them”, said the Hon. Premila Kumar.

Physiotherapists play a fundamental role in one’s healthcare, which is from prevention and rehabilitation of functional disabilities. Recovery does not necessarily end once someone is released after hospitalisation. There is a critical component of aftercare that can assist a person to walk or lift an arm or rehabilitate from a stroke. Thus, it is important that care transformation in various areas is considered to create a healthcare system that is patient-centric.

The Ministry for Local Government has been working closely with the Nadi Town Council and stakeholders to promote Nadi as a destination for business, residential and recreation

– apart from being an established tourism hub of the Pacific.

“The opening of this Physiotherapy Clinic shows business confidence in the Nadi Economy. It reflects an entrepreneur’s willingness to be part of a growing economy and contribute to the local economic development. Such investments have a reticulation effect. From a consumer’s perspective, it means a service choice in close proximity”, mentioned the Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts and Local Government.

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play a pivotal role in our Fijian Economy and have been certainly increasing.

“When COVID-19 crisis started, lockdowns reduced revenues of existing firms; cash flow turned negative for companies that could not cut operating costs. The pandemic also threatened the potential for innovation as access to capital and revenue became scarce for business start-ups. As a result of a number of crucial and decisive actions of the Government we are now in a much better position, with our recovery now on track. Fijians are slowly bouncing back with the confidence that is needed to boost their businesses and the economy as a whole”, stated the Hon. Minister.

The opening of the Physiotherapy Clinic Fiji’s second branch operation in Nadi means more employment opportunities for the Physiotherapists, which may increase should the business grow.