Suva Ratepayers will not be subsidising waste managemenet service for Nasinu

WEDNESDAY 23 SEPTEMBER 2020: The Ministry of Local Government wishes to re-emphasise the terms of agreement that underpin the new Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on Waste Collection Services between Suva City Council and Nasinu Town Council as per provisions in Local Government Act Section 88.

This first of its kind agreement will see Nasinu Town Council pay Suva City Council the entire cost of this service which includes green waste; household waste and hard rubbish collection services.

The twelve month arrangement will see Nasinu Town Council pay Suva City Council approximately $2.4million for the services. This will comprise of $1.6million from the 2020-2021 government Waste Management grant to Nasinu with the shortfall being met from Nasinu Town Council’s operating funds. The MOA has been costed to ensure that no monies are being used from Suva. To say that Suva ratepayers are subsidising Nasinu residents is incorrect.

The Agreement confirms that services will continue for Nasinu three times weekly for household kitchen waste; monthly green waste and quarterly for white goods collection.

In addition, vital awareness raising on better household waste practice will be undertaken and paid for by Nasinu Town Council so that Nasinu residents and businesses are better informed about their responsibilities to reduce waste and disposal of it appropriately only at the times allocated for every part of Nasinu.

This Agreement between Suva and Nasinu is the first step towards the setting up of Greater Suva Solid Waste Collection Services in the Central Division. Streamlining service delivery and investing in modern infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing population was a key recommendation of the 2006 Urban Policy Action Plan.

A new Greater Suva Waste Management Service will deliver better waste management services and infrastructure, leading to cleaner streets and healthier environments.

It is also important that residents and businesses in Nasinu should support the efforts of the Council and abide by the law in terms of management of waste.  The Council is making every effort to provide better and efficient service to its residents and businesses despite rate and garbage arrears.